About the institute


Your donations will improve individuals’ financial literacy.
They will contribute to their decent living.



What are we doing? We research, advise and educate individuals and groups.

For whom? For you, if or when you need assistance.

For what? To help you overcome the hardships arising in your difficult times, when in conflict and/or life transitions.
At the Prelomi Institute you, your partner and your family can get:
  • psychosocial support and advice in times of financial need and debt you cannot manage,
  • therapeutic help to resolve difficulties and crises,
  • psychosocial support if you are getting separated or divorced from your partner,
  • psychosocial support in the event of educational measures being imposed on you and in the event of a conditional release from prison.

At the Prelomi Institute, we help your children if they have educational or learning difficulties and we help you if you want to be in control of your life, notwithstanding your age.

At the Prelomi Institute you can have access to the following programmes:
  • SOS Debts, a programme of advice, counselling and monitoring the indebted and over-indebted,
  • financial literacy programmes,
  • prevention and therapeutic programmes for young people who have problems growing up and with their relationships,
  • educational and training programmes for young people,
  • educational and advisory programmes in the field of social protection,
  • camps and workshops for children and adolescents in need and with growing-up problems,
  • camps and workshops for families in need,
  • schools for parents and families,
  • PEPPI project.