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“We only know what we have experienced. Someone who has not been poor will never understand how complex poverty is.”
Marguerite Yourcenar

»Her voice was full of money.«
Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

»My dear good Sir, learn that every flatterer lives at the expense of him who hears him out.«
Jean de la Fontaine: The crow and the fox

»When he came back he was drunk. He had been drinking for free.
Ivan Cankar: Na klancu

»Your income does not depend on you alone. It depends on others as it depends on circumstances. But your savings are in your hands.«
Ivo Andrić: The woman from Sarajevo

»Gentlemen, please allow me to make you rich.«
Emile Zola: Money

»It is just a bit difficult now, but it will be much better soon.«
Ivan Cankar: Na klancu

»What I like most about the rich is their money.»
Boris Vian

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Financial literacy

Is it possible to be good at managing money?
Of course, anything can be learnt.

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Financial planning

How to plan your finances for a more stable future and decent living.

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Individual/household budget

Do you know how much money you get and

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Paying bills and  saving money

When and how to pay
the bills and save

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Prelomi, PEPPI and ECDN go hand in hand for better debt advice

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