PEPPI project

Institute Prelomi and PEPPI

At the Prelomi Institute, we have been identifying the needs of individuals and households in the area of debt and over-indebtedness for years. We developed from scratch our own integrated model of aid, which includes individualised treatment and offering psychosocial support to our clients. The Institute is a non-governmental organisation and currently the national coordinator of the PEPPI platform expansion activities.


What is PEPPI

PEPPI stands for Provision of a European Platform for the Prevention of Over-indebtedness. PEPPI was conceived to establish new organisations and programmes and/or support of the existing ones that help the over-indebted in EU.

In uncertain times, many can find themselves in a state of over-indebtedness, no longer knowing neither how to manage debt nor how to get out of debt for that matter. To this end they need help.

PEPPI is a European platform meant to prevent over-indebtedness at national and European level, co-funded by the European Union. The aim of PEPPI is to make debt counselling more accessible, to improve counselling, and to create or strengthen networks of experts and counsellors in the field of over-indebtedness. The PEPPI platform https://ecdn.eu/ was created and is being managed by the ECDN.


What is ECDN

ECDN – The European Consumer Debt Network. European Consumer Debt Network https://ecdn.eu/ is a European network of currently 41 organisations and citizens. It works with policy makers to defend the interests of its members and consumers. Together, members are working to prevent over-indebtedness and financial exclusion.

The network is a union of advisory agencies advising individuals on how to manage and overcome over-indebtedness; consumer organisations and associations defending consumer rights; educational organisations; research institutes currently from 18 European countries. Members of this European network help individuals and members of households to be freed of debts, to regain their financial balance, to regain dignity and peace of mind.


How can ECDN members and their network help

There are several ways. It is important to identify the types of debt and the total of the debts accumulated by individuals and households; to give advice, to identify which debts are the “most expensive” because their interest rate is high and their reimbursement needs to be prioritized. Members monitor repayments, provide advice, and participate in negotiations between over-indebted persons and creditors. In this way, they contribute to the financial stability of individuals and economy. However, it would be pointless and unsuccessful if the members of the network were isolated in their efforts to struggle against over-indebtedness and financial exclusion. Only together can they achieve visible change in European policies; only by uniting and sharing knowledge can they be successful in helping individuals.